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December 2023 Spotlight

Spotlight Focus: Background Applicant Waiver and Personal History Statements

As previewed in the November Spotlight, “Suggested Background Investigation Questions,” this month’s topic will be on applicant written waivers and expand to examples of personal history statements.  Both the waivers and personal history statements are crucial for conducting a thorough applicant background investigation.  After viewing other department’s waiver forms and personal history statements you may see some things that you want to incorporate into your own agency procedures.

Please keep in mind that the information provided in this spotlight does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available as a result of this spotlight are for general informational purposes only.  Agencies should discuss questions related to employment law with their legal counsel.

K.S.A 75-4379 in part, states:  A hiring agency shall require each applicant interviewed by such agency for a law enforcement officer position who has been employed by another state or local law enforcement agency or governmental agency to execute a written waiver that: (1) explicitly authorizes each state or local law enforcement agency or governmental agency that has employed the applicant to disclose the applicant's files to the hiring agency; and (2) releases the hiring agency and each state or local law enforcement agency or governmental agency that employed the applicant from any liability related to the use and disclosure of the applicant's files.  An applicant who refuses to execute the written waiver shall not be considered for employment by the hiring agency [emphasis added].

Here are the examples of waiver forms, personal history statements, and a few miscellaneous background investigation forms that you might find useful adapting to your agency needs: 

Click here for Waiver Forms.  Special thanks to the agency heads for sharing their agency forms.

Happy Holidays!

As we all strive to become more professional, efficient, and effective, we hope you found this spotlight topic to be informative and beneficial.   A new topic will be chosen each month and emailed to those that have signed up to receive updates.   If you have a topic that you would like KSCPOST to examine in future spotlights, please contact us.

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